Preparing a U.S. Patent Application

Write and file a US provisional or utility application | taught by James Lindon Ph.D., J.D.

Course description

This course provides the theory, samples, and forms needed to prepare and file a patent application in the United States. You can file a provision application or a utility application. This will save you THOUSANDS of dollars and provide you with guaranteed patent pending status and access to the USPTO. You can patent something on your own - let me show you how.

Don't be fooled by patent filing services like legalzoom. They provide no guidance in actually preparing the contents of the patent application. Filing the application is the easy part, which is why their cost is as low as it is.

A FREE search for your mechanical invention is included in your registration! Give us enough details to understand your innovation and we will search the U.S. patent literature for you and provide FREE copies of the findings - very helpful!

This course is available to you for unlimited time and covers the subjects needed to prepare and file a patent application. If you would like to include individual coaching, consider one of the other courses. We have a suitable course for everybody!

James Lindon Ph.D., J.D.
James Lindon Ph.D., J.D.
Founder: Atheism Academy

Humanist, Skeptic, Atheist

Course Curriculum

Chapter - Whether to file a patent application. When to file.
Chapter - Patentability. Novelty. Utility. Obviousness.
Chapter - types of patent applications
Chapter - Specification
Chapter - Discussion of text of 7,002,104
Chapter - Review of drawings of US7002104 Heated Baseball Glove and Conclusion
Broad Claims vs Narrow Claims - Claim 13 vs Claim 14 of US7002104 Heated Baseball Glove
Chapter - Utility Application vs Provisional Application